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good reading

hmmm.. its been a LONG while.. I really should update once in a while. If nothing else its always nice to look back on stuff

anyway I was surfing some blogs today and came across one with a link to a book/reading site called Good Reads. So since I've decided I really need to make an effort to read more, I've signed up :) hopefully it'll help me keep track of what I've been reading and get some recommendations

Does anyone else use this site??

My main goal at the moment is to read the unread books on my shelves before starting using the library again [and saving myself some money!]

So that being said, I'm off to read a little of "breaking Dawn" before I head to bed :)

testing testing

Just trying out my recently downloaded Live Writer to see if it works with Livejournal. I signed up for Shimelle Laines “Blogging for scrappers” class and someone on the forum suggested this download. Wow, it is so much quicker for blogger [where i have a kind of scrap blog] and hoping if it proves to be the same for Livejournal it may prompt me to update more often. Well at all, lets face it.


I miss having that record of my life to look back on, mundane as it may be. I do sometimes read back old entries and chuckle to myself about wee things I forgot or weird conversations etc. Admittedly I don’t have as crazy people at my work these days but still.. I do miss it.


So has it worked?.. :)

movie soundtrack

In honour of me finally updating my Itunes with actual soundtracks, I thought i would rehash an old meme.. There may be some pretty random answers since its a REALLY eclectic mix of stuff on my soundtracks!

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc).
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button.
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool...

Opening Credits
Pace it - Magic Dirt

Waking Up
The Journey - Fatboy slim

First Day At School
Every You and Every Me - Placebo

Falling in Love
Bedroom Dancing - Day One

Fight Song
Long Ride Home - Patty Griffin

Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison

Life is Good
Goodnight and Go - Imogen Heap

Mental Breakdown
Ring Ring Ring - Aaron Soul

Sumpin - The Pimps

Sweet Home Alabama - Lynard Skynard

Getting Back Together
Come back in one piece - Aaliyah feat DMX

Sex Scene
Young Hearts Run Free - Candi Stanton

Paying the Dues
New World - leroy

The Night Before the War
She - Louie Says

Final Battle
The Time is now - Moloko

Moment of Triumph
Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics

Death Scene
Made Of Stone - The Stone Roses

Funeral Song
This is a Test - Chante Moore

End Credits
Closet Romantic - Damon Albarn

yep, pretty random indeed! I need to actually listen to more of this stuff as I don't know half of these. But I plan on doing so now I have a fully charged and loaded IPod :)



Random update::

**  Me and Carrie were back at the snowboarding on Monday night :) Colin, who works with Carrie, came as well and is putting us to shame after his single lesson! Was good to get back to it as it felt like it had been ages. Afterward Carrie had invited me back to her place for spag bol! Her new boyfriend made it for us and have to say did a fab job [I need a bloke like that!! lol Well beggars can't be choosers I guess!] and we had a good girly goss too, since I don't see her at all at work anymore

** Not sure if I mentioned that Barney had us entering and leaving from the door in USC now instead of the front door for Office/Qube so I wasn't seeing people when i clocked out [hence not seeing Carrie, we often met in the queue! and Alison too] but now they have blocked the access through the wall altogether so I have to go for breaks in USC. I knew it was going to happen eventually but it sucks. I don't get to see any of the girls or anyone I worked with through in Qube. Now i have to sit in a pokey canteen with three guys who barely speak to each other never mind me. I don't mind if they don't speak to me so much [ony good thing is that I will get more reading done with all the peace and quiet] but they could at least talk to each other. You could hear a pin drop..

** Also had my scrapbooking crop on Tuesday!! So nice after missing the last one due to car trouble and that having been the last before Xmas. I've signed up to do an A-Z journal so got my A layout done and was chatted lots :) Also paid up to go to the Stonehouse all day crop again next month. Just hope I can refrain from spending too much  at the shop!

** I think I have been spoiled with seeing so much of Charlie lately. A few months back I was lucky if I got a hello once a week cos he was always working on stock. I'd SEE him but just from a distance. Then we started  talking on overtime a bit. Before Christmas he got put back to picking and it was busy enough that he would be doing that all day so running into him was more probable and we got talking a bit more as a result. Now its quieter so he is just picking for a wee while and then going to stock again and I'm bummed! lol! pathetic but in that place you have to find simple things to put the smile back on your face!  Still I've been getting a lot of big grins lately :) That'll keep me smiling for a while anyway! :)

** I've read two of my 40 books for the year - helen Macinnes Agent in Place and James Rollins Black Order. The last one especially was really good, I couldn't put it down! A bit scientific but not TOO much. Although quantum evolution did feature! Its a great thriller though. Might have to look for some more of his books. At work I'm in the middle of Jodi Picoults Mercy. Interesting topic but all the Scottish stuff is distracting and annoying, I hate all that "my great grandparents were Scottish so I'm in a clan & play the bagpipes and have Scottish blood running through my veins" crap. You were born in america, get over it! It makes the whole story seem more unrealistic cos its set in this weird town full of inbred descendants of Scottish people. Just.. odd. I also just started Eats, Shoots and leaves by Lynne Huss and made me laugh out loud already :)

** Barneys latest plan is apparently to have us all take turns cleaning the toilets because he can't be bothered to pay for a cleaner. Ann used to do it but since she never moved to USC officially she has gone back to Office now the wall is blocked off. Cleaning toilets!?! There is going to be a rota I hear.. Fun times! Funny, Mary had said she made a comment to S [supervisor who is Barneys lapdog] that morale had dropped because of Barney and he was like "oh thats not because of him" How blind IS he?! Everyone you talk to these days is like "I want a new job..". 

** I think thats all but if its not tough, cos I'm going to bed! Hope you are all having a lovely end of the weekend :)

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone is having a good Christmas. I'm sure you aren't playing around on the internet anyway! i just came on to check my emails etc while my dad and I wait for my mum to get out of her pit so we can have breakfast and open our pressies. We've been waiting some time...lol!

I just ventured to the back door to take some piccies as its such a lovely "christmassy" morning! All blue skies and frost and the sun coming up :) Don't know how they will turn out and i might try and get some more later when I'm not in my pjs and dressing gown!!

So we got off work about 2pm yesterday which was pretty good and I was able to get some stuff done before heading to my parents. 

I was a bit miffed though. I got a notification on Saturday that the RM had tried to deliver two parcels, one recorded. The card said I could pick them up from the Ayr sorting office on Monday. So I took the card with me to work and popped in on the way home yesterday.The guy hands me one package and says "your other one has been returned to sender because we only keep them a week."  WTF?! If its the parcel I had been expecting then it had only been despatched on Thursday! There is no way it had been there a week! And if its a different parcel its still their error as I didn't receive any notification until Saturday anyway.. ARGH! I'm going to go back on Thursday when I have more time and make a complaint because thats not on.

I had ordered some bits and bobs for scrapping, including an album I need for 5th Jan, so I have emailed the company to alert them to the possibility that my parcel has been returned in error and ask them to hopefully resend it. I just hope that that IS what the parcel was as otherwise I have no clue and may never find out!

never mind, today i will have a lovely breakfast, open my pressies, have an even lovelier Christmas lunch and settle in for an afternoon of movies - Finding Nemo & Shrek 2 :)

Have a great day everyone! :)


The first morning in Paris we decided to head out to Monets house and garden at Giverny since the weather was looking good. Its about an hour outside of Paris and you take the train to a town called Vernon and then the bus to Giverny. We grabbed some lunch in Vernon before getting the bus up the road, its only about 15 mins. Then we headed straight for Monets house. I wasn't sure how colourful it would given it was September but I was pleasantly surprised! 


<center><a href="http://www.testriffic.com/iq/"><img src="http://www.testriffic.com/iq/11.gif" border="0" alt="IQ Test Score"></a></center>

or not!!! haha!

stir crazy

I'm going a bit mad at home. sooner i get this sling off the better. I just hope I do get it off. It felt a lot better yesterday but was kind of sore last night and this morning so I'm getting worried now...  I hope I haven't used it too much, even although I really have tried Just have to keep my fingers crossed I suppose.

My second scrapbook crop is tomorrow night too so i want to be able to go to that.  Not exactly patient, me!

Am I the only person who hates the word "partner" when its used for romantic relationshpis? Not that I have one but thats not the point. It just makes me cringe everytime I hear it. It sounds so clinical or like you have opened a corner shop together or a solicitors firm. urgh!

I'm in a bit of a random mood today!

ouch part 2

apparently i have cracked a bone in my elbow :(  my mum told me i should call nhs 24 to see if they thought it sounded like i needed an xray on my wrist. so i did and the nurse said it didn't sound bad but you never know so best to check it out.  My mum very kindly came & picked me up and I went & got xrayed expecting them just to say it was sprained but no such luck.

i have to wear a sling for the next 7 days to let it rest so of course can't drive. i hadn't planned to while i was off work anyway but that means i'm going to have to take mon & tues off work on top of the rest of this week. hope i can just extend my hols otherwise i won't get paid. 

oh well.. my mum took me out for something to eat to cheer me up. felt a div wi th e sling on though. It looks like I made it myself from an old sheet. When he said a sling i thought it would be one of those modern flesh coloured ones but its just a big old sheet fraying at the edges that covers my whole firearm!!!! luverly!!!

better just make the most of the break from work. lots of book reading ahead of me i reckon!!!


bah humbug.. I'm trying to bore you all with photos and it won't let me...

in much much much more exciting news

I'M GETTING A LAPTOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*does a crazy happy dance*

My dad has ordered it for me so it will be delivered to their address, given I'll be at work.

I guess i will have sort out broadband and such pretty soon also, so I can make full use of it. Right now i'm on Tesco dial up and my phone is on Talk Talk. I don't think my area get their free internet so I'll have to check out what I can actually get. I might get my phone back to BT as I'm not saving any money on Talk talk anyway. We'll see...